Among typical Mexican handcrafts, memories of the region, blue and yellow tiled walls and the beautiful setting of a traditional kitchen, you can enjoy the best birria (a local mutton-based dish) in Guadalajara, the one from the restaurant known as "Birriería Las 9 Esquinas".

On your arrival to this wonderful place you will be welcomed by Don Federico, who will gladly take you to your table, where, while you wait for the delights that Doña Lupita prepares, you won't be able to resist the cebollitas (baby onions) and the "salsa" with tortilla chips brought to your table. Of course, you'll be delighted by the live music coming from the plaza outside.

Restaurant History

On May 30th, 1986, this restaurant opened its doors for the first time, but instead of "Las Nueve Esquinas", it was known at the time as "Las mañanitas". Nowadays, the Birrieria "LAS 9 ESQUINAS" can be identified easily, simply by looking for the greenery of the plants found all around the establishment. As well as the plants, there's a fountain called "LA FUENTE DE LOS CHIVOS" (fountain of the goats), adding to the personality of this charming restaurant.

Anyone who comes to Guadalajara can't miss out on visiting the neighborhood of LAS 9 ESQUINAS. Between all the beauty of the colorful little streets, the typical colonial architecture, and the very outstanding role models, visitors will cherish the experience of strolling through the magical traditions of the city's culture.

Enjoy the attractions and let yourself be delighted with this small taste of our beloved Jalisco by discovering "LAS NUEVE ESQUINAS".

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Menú por la tarde

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Nine Corners Plaza

This old and popular neighbourhood, in the heart of the city, is an example of harmony and architecture, many of the buildings having been built during the era of Porfirio Díaz' rule in Mexico (Porfiriato). La Plaza de las Nueve Esquinas is a small corner of the city that has recently been remodeled with gardens and fountains, where four different streets intersect.

This plaza was once the gateway to all the commercial movements of New Galicia (Nueva Galicia) as the city was once known as. This was where people would unload the merchandise from the donkeys, while their owners would search for a place to eat.

A little after the Spanish Colonization, this was the easiest access to all the roads that lead south, the most important being the Royal Trail of Colima.

Today's major throughways of La Paz, Donato Guerra, Ocampo, Galeana, and Colón were once streams of water that originated from nearby springs, flowing down to the Nine Corners Plaza. The streets would join up here; hence the name of this plaza.
During the 1930s, the Nueve Esquinas became renowned for its traditional mutton-based dish, birria.

In the months of May and June, little stalls are set up in which exotic fruits of the season are sold to passer-bys, after tasting guamuchiles, mamey, raspberries, litchis, and the famous pitayas (a type of prickly pear) in all their colorful variety of tones from red to green, brought from the region of Amecuaca, Jalisco.

The Nine Corners neighborhood has managed to survive and to this day retains its particular flavors despite all the changes the city has endured, making it one of Guadalajara's little jewels.
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Monday - Saturday 9:00am - 10:00pm
Sunday 9:00am - 7:30pm
Cólon 384 esquina Galeana,
Centro Historico.
Guadalajara, Jal, Méx.
Phone. 01 (33) 3613 6260
Email: las9esquinas@las9esquinas.com
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Colon 384 esquina Galeana, Centro Historico. Guadalajara Jalisco México. Tel. 01 (33) 3613 6260